A Tribute to Milady Quito

MiLibrary image with face of woman in glasses and smile.

The MiLibrary Project

Brought to you by “Friends of Milady’s Lil’ Libraries

Our beloved friend, Milady S. Quito, described herself as an “educator, activist, aspiring world traveler, and favorite auntie.” Tragically, in November 2020, she died of covid-19 complications.

We celebrate Milady’s life and spirit as her family, friends, comrades, colleagues, and students. She was a passionate lover of books and a fiercely dedicated teacher, believing that education was the foundation for both individual and political empowerment.

As “Friends of Milady’s Lil’ Libraries,” we have partnered with Little Free Library®, a national non-profit organization, to build and install free little libraries. The first 48 MiLibraries will be established all over the United States focusing on underserved communities in many neighborhoods from Los Angeles to New York. They provide children with a free book exchange to inspire them to become lifelong readers, learn, and build community. There are also plans to set up MiLibraries in her beloved homeland, the Philippines. 

Some of Milady’s favorite reads