inside out: pen, notebook, and beyond

A Retreat For/By Writers of Color
23-25 July 2021  |  Online via Zoom

All times are in US Eastern Time.
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Start: Friday, 23 July 2021, 7PM US ET
End: Sunday, 25 July 2021, 9PM US ET

FRIDAY, 23 JULY 2021
7-8:30PM – Introductions / Orientation

7:30-8AM – Zazen / Sitting Meditation (optional)
10-11:30AM – Write, Read, Listen (optional)
1-6PM – Session (with breaks)
8-9:30PM – Write, Read, Listen (optional)
9:30-10PM – Zazen / Sitting Meditation (optional)

SUNDAY, 25 JULY 2021
7:30-8AM- Zazen / Sitting Meditation (optional)
10-11:30AM – Write, Read, Listen (optional)
1-6PM – Session (with breaks)
7-9 PM – Zazen / Closing

We will do our foundational practice: sitting and walking meditation, writing, reading, and listening.  And we will explore writing practice from different angles, from the particular space-time we’re in –as a Black person, an indigenous person, an immigrant… 

When we lean into our history and ancestry, into worldviews that are not from a culture of white supremacy and domination, how do our definitions, processes, and objectives for writing transform?

This retreat is for anyone committed to putting pen to paper, for writers who write for publication, for spiritual practice, or to inform their art-making or vocation.  We will have guest artists, qigong practice during breaks, and a conversation on how and where to share our writings with the world (perhaps we’ll come out with a collective project…).

To get us started in our exploration, there will be some reading (ten pages max!) and assignments.  There will also be a resource page available for participants.

$5, $20, $50… no one will be turned away for lack of funds.  Donations will support guest artists, facilitators, and Sari-Sari, a collective that seeks to effect social change through grassroots cultural work.

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